NPAV Smart Home

NPAV Smart Home

Smart Home Master App

NPAV SmartHomeMaster app is used to Manage your home smartly and do monthly payments.

  • In NPAVSmartHomeMaster you can note absentees & payments of your Helpers, Milkman, Sweeper, Maid, Watchman, Paperwala, Cook, Iorn-wala, Car-cleaner, Driver, Garbagewala.
  • In NPAV SmartHome Master do their Payments and track them.
  • In NPAVSmartHome Master Place Order & do payments for daily needs - Dairy, Groceries, Medicines, Vegetables.
  • In NP Smart Home Master Place service request to Plumber, Electrician, doctor, Purifier, AC, Painter, Key-maker, Gardener, Carpenter, Microwave/Fridge/Washing machine Repairer etc.
  • In NPAVSmart HomeMaster Set Important reminder for your EMIs & bills.

Smart Home Helper App

Helper /User - gives service to a smart home.

  • She/he could be a Cook, Maid, Milkman, Sweeper, Watchman, Paperwala, Iornwala, Car-Cleaner, Driver, Gardener, Garbagewala etc .
  • Helper can see his work location /flat.
  • She/He can see attendance, Payment for her/ him for a work location /flat.
  • Helper can get notifications from any smart home flat owner.

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