Web Firewall

Web Firewall allows you to secure, monitor and control internet access in offices.

Internet access policy can be set for user or group based on their roles. Firewall can be used to block unwanted sites which allows employees to keep their focus on work.

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Features of Web Firewall

Internet access & Application control.

You can decide "who" can access the Internet, "when" they can access it, and "what" content they can view, stream or download. You can control the Internet based desktop application which hits web url's. As per given rules and polices user can access applications.

The issues that can be prevented by using the firewall are :

  • ->Employees engaging in non-work related activities.
  • ->Illegal activity by users (for which you may be liable).
  • ->Members of the office openly viewing inappropriate content.

Powerful Website Blocking.

Strictly blocking the URLs added in the block list. Users can not access the blocked URLs which will keep their focus on work.

Graphical Dashboard.

Administrator can view top URL hit, top blocked URL hit, top user names which access allowed URLs, top user names which access blocked URLs. You can see allowed URL count, blocked URL count, total url count and active users count in a clean, easily understandable graphical representation.


Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth is a feature which allows you to apply restriction on how much of the network's bandwidth is allowed to use. Userwise bandwidth usage can be monitored.


Add pre defined policies to users and groups.

You can apply user or group wise policy. You can use following modes in policy.

  • Allow All
  • Block All
  • Allow All Except Block List
  • Block All Except Allow List

Centralized server, no client side configurations.

Installation location is on server only. It's server base internet access managing application. It will not affect on any client side Memory and CPU utilization. You can manage all policies from server UI.