Secure RDP Manager

Secure RDP Manager is a very useful protocol and feature to access Remote Servers.

It is widely used by System Admin, Developers and others to install and manage software on remote servers.

Remote desktop login is now being used by various organizations to support the Work from Home work mode for many users also. Also Servers running in Organizations those are manage and track by RDP Manager.

Net Protector with lot of research development and expertise in cyber security fields has designed and launched a unique product RDP Manager Cloud Portal. It is a hybrid cloud and hosted model.

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Features of Secure RDP Manager

Remote Time and Details

RDP Manager is used for calculating the remote time of your server / client machine which is being used by any person for some work.
Time details monitored by the module include:

  • When remote is connect and disconnect to the server
  • Hourly basis

RDP Manager provides the details of PC's who have taken your server on remote, the detail includes Machine Name, Public IP / Local IP, Location and server machine detail includes Machine Name, Public IP / Local IP, OS name and User Name.


Alert against hackers

When any hacker tries to take remote access of the Server, RDP Manager provides quick alert through WhatsApp, Email and on SMS.

While this feature ON no one can take your PC on remote unless and until user themselves give permission. Mostly, we strongly restrict RDP hackers through this feature

Password Manager.

RDP Manager display the last password information of your server / client machine. If admin want to change password of user, they can give command to client PC from web server

Admin can get alerts of there client Users PCs for those accounts that have a weak password or no password at all.


Activity Tracker

We can send Start, Shutdown, Sleep, Resume events to the Web portal

It captures background activities like which application user is working on and counting of machine ideal time.

Integration of admin portal

Admin can See PC Hardware & Memory Information of Client PC's.


User and Password Management

  • Create new user account
  • Change user account type
  • Change user account name

Secure and automate the process for managing local administrative or common user passwords on endpoints.

Admin can set the endpoint's password from server by following easy steps.

  • Strong password policies and regular password resets are enforced.
  • Logging of all the password change activities in the vault.
  • Tracking of the password changed activities for all endpoints.