Anti-Virus Updates

Fast Hourly Updates
  1. Right-click Virus Shield
  2. Click on Update Antivirus
  3. Click on Download, then you will receive the fast hourly update.

Automatic hourly updates of anti-virus start in the background if you are connected to the internet for more than 10 minutes

Offline Update Method

Update Type Release Date Size
Link 1 - Upgrade All

Link 2 - NPDownload.exe
(Fast Downloader with Resume facility)
11-Jun-2024 50.32 MB
  1. Download the latest Upgrade All.exe file
  2. Copy this file to your Pen Drive or CD etc.
  3. Run this file on NPAV PC without internet connection
  4. This utility will locate, update and upgrade the AntiVirus

Update can also be performed by following methods

Update Type Program Name Frequency
Update Virus Database
Update Zero-V Daily
Update Malware Database
Update NP Every 15 Days
  1. Update from Direct Internet :

    Use this method if your PC is directly connected to the Internet.

  2. Update from Internet through Proxy :

    If you are on a network and internet is shared through a proxy software like - Analog Proxy, Proxyplus, Winproxy, Wingate etc.

  3. Update from LAN / Network Path :

    One central PC downloads the updates from Internet and acts as a update server.
    Other nodes download update file from this PC. You will have to share this folder on the main PC :
    C:\Program Files\Net Protector 2015\ZvScan\ZVupdate

  4. Update using latest Update CD :

    Request your dealer for a free update CD. From the CD Autorun menu choose

  5. Offline Update using Zvupdate.dat file

    You can download or copy this file and update from this file using update zero-v. Configure for Update from Network Path / Folder.