Corporate/Enterprise Products
Endpoint Security
Total Security for Business Networks
 »  Centralized Installation from Server
 »   Manage Security of all Servers, Desktops
 »  Control and Modify Client Settings
 »  Automatic & Centralized LAN Upgrades
 »  Reports and Graphical Charts

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Corporate Web Control
 »  Blocks Unwanted Sites
 »  Blocking as per categories
 »  works with https: secure sites
 »  Centrally manage policies
 »  Manage from any internet device

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Net Protector Z Security
 »  Drive Backup
 »  Data loss Prevention
 »  Data leak Prevention
 »  Web Control
 »  Device Control
 »  Virtual Keyboard
 »  Disk Checker
 »  Performance Monitor
 »  Unhide Folders and Files
 »  Startup Manager

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Home/Small Enterprise

Total PC Protection:
AntiVirus + Total Internet Security
»  Anti Spyware »  Anti-Hijack
»  Anti Spam »  OS Firewall
»  Anti Malware »  Email Backup
»  Anti-Rootkit »  Browser Repair

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Net Protector is very easy useful, powerful and also very easy update. And one of the most is service. Net Protector service is best after selling. I like net Protector antivirus due to its service and powerful antivirus.I am using this since 4 years and did not face any issue..
- Mr. Dev Lohan, jind haryana

- Mr. Nitin, Rewa

Good Net Protector antivirus
- Mr. Ramesh, Bagalakot

Thank you very much for a prompt action or service by your team.
- Mr. Khanna, Ahmedabad

NPAV is very fast and good Anti virus.
- Mr. Balram Suryawanshi, Indore

I like NPAV this is better than other AVs.
- Mr. Jeeva Ratnam, Andaman

It’s only a faster antivirus i.e. Net Protector.
- Mr. Abhishek Arjaria, Jabalpur

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Fast Hourly Updates
Npav Rescue Disk
Size : 281 MB
Date : 02-Feb-2019


Aesir Virus – A New Variant of the Locky Ransomware.

The Aesir (Locky) is a new variant of the Locky ransomware infection. Aesir (Locky) virus is distributed through spam emails same as other variants of ransomware. Below is an email that is infected with a randomware such as Aesir (Locky) virus.

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Mamba Ransomware – Encrypts Your HDD!!

A new strain of ransomware is spreading in this month called "HDDCryptor" or "DiskCryptor". As the name suggests, it will encrypt complete drive and overwrite MBR (Master Boot Record) to show a ransom message. The victims will find their computers booting to a screen asking for a password, which is the decryption key.

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