Net Protector Remote Support Software

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Remote Support Software

  • Make Your Customers Happy with immediate and timely support
  • Save on travel time and petrol. Avoid traffic and pollution.
  • Give Service to your customers comfortably from your home or office
  • Value for MONEY-Fixed / Roaming type licensing.

Features of NP Remote software


Remotely Control of Client PC

With NP Remote Support (NPRS) Software, you can easily view your customer’s PC or any other PC in the world, which is connected to internet. You can even control mouse & keyboard of customer’s PC, & resolve the customer issues. This is like you are present at the client’s location, solving the issues without traveling, thus saving your time, money & energy.


Inexpensive and very Affordable

NPRS software is inexpensive and very affordable and suits your budget. Similar products in the market are many times more expensive than NPRS.


No Obstacle of Firewall or Router

With NPRS, you need not worry about firewall / router configurations. NPRS is intelligent enough and automatically connects to client PC, passing through the client’s firewall / router.


No Installation

NPRS requires no installation of software on client / customer side and dealer / support PC. Customer / client needs to download a very small executable file and run it. And same is true with the dealer / company.


Secure Remote Connection

NPRS establishes a connections with the client PC in a secure and encrypted manner. Thus, enabling secure and trusted connection.



NPRS chat facility lets you talk to your customer over a chat, which is freely available. Thus, it reduces your STD and mobile bills.


Fixed Type Key

NPRS fixed licensing allows you to use unlimited connections till your validity of your Key. It is very useful when you use fixed PC / laptop to connect to your customers. This also allows more than one customer connections at a time.


Easy and Short Login ID

NPRS software generates an easy and short numeric ID for connecting to partners PC. It is very easy to enter the login ID. No password is required, making it very easy to establish the session.


Flexible / Roaming Type Keying

NPRS Roaming Key is for the people on the move. It allows you to use any available PC, connected to the internet to provide support. You can use your Key from any PC at your office / home / laptop or cyber cafe to provide support to your customers. For every session one credit balance is deducted, similar to mobile balance.


Optimized For Slow Internet

NPRS has inbuilt optimization which can work effectively even with slow internet connection.


Acess even after PC Restart

After the remote PC is restarted you can reconnect to that PC, using the same ID. Thus, it prevents calling, customer, after every restart of PC.


Fast Download of Client Software

Fast and easy download of client software even if internet is slow.